When God Shifts You

By Dr. Terrance E. Rogers Sr.
At times when you're least expected God will shift your life for his purpose to bring you an expected end. Trouble will not last always, God will shift you back to a place of blessings and prosperity when you cooperate in the shift.
                                                      THE SHIFT
In Jeremiah the 29th chapter the prophet began to write to the people of Jerusalem who were in captivity and held in bondage by the babylonians, He receives a word from God to give to the people "that after 70 years in this condition God was going to change their direction or SHIFT"  and bring them back to their place he had originally prepared for them. In the midst of the pain and trouble, God comforts Jeremiah by saying"for I know the thoughts that i think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.
Everything in your life is shifting into alignment.
There is a shift that God has ordained for your life.
You must bring your life into alignment with God's purpose and plan.
Theres going to be a shifting and a changing of direction
God is going to do something extraordinary in your life.
                                                      CHANGE HURTS
Let's be honest, it's not easy breaking free from your comfort zone and being stretched by God, but the reality is real change hurts your flesh, because your flesh wants to have its way and it is therefore contrary to doing the will of God, but remember no pain  no gain.
Every part of your life has to learn to deal with the shift.
The body is interconnected-your life is like a body
It takes time for your life to realign once a shift has occured.
A shift is coming, it may be in death, health, Employment or Marital status, finances, ministry, access, business, opportunities, friends
Anything connected to you is affected by any shift
Your life is trying to figure out how to adjust to where you are now.
Many of us were not positioned right in the first place. you grew up without a father, or in poverty, or facing some adversity that placed the odds against you of succeeeding.
Many of us were were not raised in ideal circumstances to prepare us for where we really wanted to go in life.
We were not aligned right to respond to what were being taught.
You can take the girl out of the country but you can't take the country out of the girl.
I can bring you into a pristine environment and you'll destroy the opportunity because you have not been groomed for what has been given.
Sometimes we pray for things we have not been groomed to handle.
Many of you are just now receiving somethings you prayed for years ago because you were not ready to handle it.
God had to crack you, move you, relocate you, expose you to different kinds people.
God had to let you go through a series of failures to humble you. break you down
After years of pain, heartache, misfortune, trouble, confusion, now you're ready for God to finish shifting you.
You've got to make the second half of your life the best half.
There's a shift coming
Financially, spiritually, personally, in your Thinking
When there is a shift taking place there will be some discomfort.
When i was in a car accident years ago the doctor told me i would have to have therapy to rbring my spine back into realignment. The doctor sent me to a chiropractor who informed me that he would have to crack my back to bring my spine back into realignment. He also told me that i would experience some discomfort during the shifting but the long term results would be well worth it.
    At your appointed time when all is going well God will shift you back into alignment of his purpose.
God didn't intend for you to be broke, lonely, divorced, unhappy, bitter, miserable, depressed, worried, so at an appointed time of destiny God will shift you back to the place he ordained for you before the foundation of the world began.
When God shift you, you don't know you will be
when God shifts you, what you can now do
When God shifts you, you don't know how anointed you will be.
You don't know what God has in store for you, but your shifting is a sign that God is getting ready to use you and position you to prosper, he's getting ready to bless you.
Your shift is proof that its your season
You're getting ready to move in the power of God.
New dimensions of faovor are about to be released over your life and ministry.
New blessing attract new enemies, so don't run from them because God said that he will prepare a table for you IN THE PRESENSE OF YOUR ENEMIES.
There is nothing your enemies can do to you, because when God shifts you, he's going to elevate you above people who cannot appreciate the new level of glory you're about to step into, so get ready for the shift.
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